Sound & Thermal Insulation How To

Sound & Thermal Insulation How To

by: Al Lanzilotti

Exhaust too loud or does the engine over heat your cabin?

As a winter project, I decided to insulate my 92 Coupe’s interior. last summer was my 2nd summer with my Vette and the first time that I took long trips (2) (3-4 hours each). I have a couple more planned this summer plus I am planning a trip to the Florida Keys this time next year so I thought it was a worthwhile project, Still have to do the doors, but want to get the car back on the road, since the weather is getting nice here in PA.

After reading up on it and since it was reasonably priced, I decided to use RAAMMAT BXT and Ensolite. One layer of each product through out, but I doubled up on the RAAMMAT along the firewall.

Glad I took this on during the winter since It took me longer then I thought but most things normally do. I only worked weekends and not every weekend because of other stuff. Putting down the RAAMMAT took the longest. I took notes and pictures so the reassembly went relatively easy.

Since I couldn’t start the car while disassembled, when I tried to start it last week it was dead. Jumping it got it started but would not start without a jump. should have disconnected the battery. Since I did not know how old the original battery was, I just went out and purchased a new battery.

Looking forward to the first cruise to see or should I say not hear the results of me efforts.

I took some pix and posted them here. Put them in a slideshow.…t=fe40fca4.pbw